Top 3 Tips for Enjoying Your Visit to the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California
Photo by Nathan DeFiesta on Unsplash

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of LA’s most popular hotspots, but that didn’t stop it from gaining a reputation as one of the most disappointing tourist attractions. However, skipping it altogether still isn’t an option for most visitors, and that goes for you as well, there are ways to make your visit more memorable and enjoyable.

No Rush

With over 2,500 stars on the pavement, the Hollywood Walk of Fame shouldn’t be explored in a rush. You can find a map on the organization’s official website and easily find the stars dedicated to your favorite actors, but it’s much more fun to look for them in person.

Perfect Timing

Hollywood Boulevard is one of the busiest streets in LA, and crowds are pretty much impossible to avoid. To fully enjoy the experience without hundreds or thousands of people around you, you should try visiting it early in the morning before everyone else starts exploring.

Taking Pictures

The Hollywood Walk of Fame isn’t as picture-perfect as some of the other top spots in LA, but you can still take nice photos with the stars by sitting on the floor or getting your shoes in the frame. Many tourists, especially the ones visiting with their family, also take photos with local performers wearing costumes.