Top 3 Tips for Exploring the Art World of New Cities for Free

The Louvre in Paris
Photo by Lindsay Thompson on Unsplash

If you love art and traveling in equal measure, you probably can’t visit a single city without checking out leading art museums and galleries. The only tricky thing about them is the pricy entrance fees, but there are ways to explore the art world in a more affordable way.

Free Tickets

A visit to leading art museums doesn’t come cheap, but you can save money if you’re resourceful enough. Check if the museum or gallery you’re thinking of visiting has any free days. If that’s not the case, consider buying a museum card that allows you to visit several museums at a lower price.

Independent Galleries

If you pay closer attention while exploring a new city, you’ll notice that art is all around you. You’ll stumble upon countless galleries that you can visit without paying a dime, and they’re especially great if you want to explore works by local artists.

Street Art

Speaking of art you can discover while roaming around the city, walls and buildings are basically galleries you can visit free of charge. Street art is scattered at every corner, and it will allow you to explore the art scene in a more authentic and carefree way than museums.