Top 3 Wonders of Modern Architecture You Should See in Brasília

Image by erleyresendesilva from Pixabay

Brasília will forever be lurking in the shadows of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, but it’s still the capital and one of the most beautiful cities of Brazil. Fans of modern architecture will feel right at home in this city, thanks to these amazing attractions.

National Congress

The futuristic building of the National Congress features two vertical office towers, located in between semi-sphere structures on the right and left. It houses the parliament and the federal senate, and it’s open to visitors.

Cathedral of Brasília

If you’re not a huge fan of cathedrals because they all have similar vibe, it’s only because you’ve never seen this one. This Roman Catholic religious structure, designed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, consists of 16 concrete columns which represent hands reaching for heaven.

Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge

Oscar Niemeyer was in charge of designing some of Brasília’s most imposing buildings, but the credit for this bridge actually goes to architect Alexandre Chan and structural engineer Mário Vila Verde, who transformed it into one of the city’s top landmarks.