Top 5 Holiday Destinations In Europe For History Lovers

Photo: pascalmwiemers/Pixabay

With civilizations dating back to as early as the 27th century BC, Europe is rich in history. If dipping into the past is your cup of tea, here are five destinations which offer a taste of ancient times up to more recent history.

Athens, Greece

Athens, being the birthplace of democracy, home of some of the greatest Western philosophers and an architectural hub, played a crucial role in shaping the Western world. Ancient sites such as the Acropolis, where you can view the Parthenon, and the Agora remain intact for you to visit today. There are also plenty of museums to throw yourself into.

Rome, Italy

Considering Rome is one of the world’s most influential early civilizations, it’s no surprise that it’s on this list. You can also view amazing sites such as The Roman Forum and The Colosseum along with many other amazing historical attractions.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is home to many forgotten Roman and Medieval sites, although many are now ruins. You can still take a step into your history books at the medieval Buda Castle and museums along with several other fascinating historical sites.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin was once home to some of the greatest Western thinkers including Karl Marx and Albert Einstein. Of course, not all of its past is worthy of celebration, and you can learn a lot about World War II and its infamous and tragic past.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague’s history is well preserved and you can learn a bit about what life would have been like in the middle ages. The city was home a historically large Jewish community and there are an abundance of museums and architectural marvels, including Prague Castle and the astronomical clock. If you prefer the darker side of history, Prague is definitely a top choice in Europe.