Top 5 Things to Do in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, Canada. Photo by Lee Robinson on Unsplash

When people arrive in Vancouver, Canada, they usually face one huge problem: what to do in this city? And the issue isn’t because there is nothing to do here—on the contrary. The city has so much to offer that it is almost impossible to know where to start.

Well, don’t worry. We did some research and came up with the top five things to do in Vancouver that will make your stay in the city a blast. Check them out below.

Whale Watching

Embarking on a whale watching tour is a perfect way to get close and personal with the marine life surrounding Vancouver. You’ll be able to see orca whales, sea lions, and seals in their natural habitat while learning more about these magnificent creatures.

Visit Vancouver Aquarium

If you want to get more familiar with marine life but don’t feel like being outdoors, then the Vancouver Aquarium is the place to visit. The aquarium is home to more than 65,000 animals and offers a number of engaging tours customized to your field of interest.

Explore Stanley Park

Outdoor and nature enthusiasts will have a lot of fun in Stanley Park. One of the most amazing public parks in this part of the world offers stunning views of mountains and the ocean while also offering a huge playground for hikers, cyclists, and joggers.

Learn About History in Museum of Anthropology

History buffs shouldn’t miss an opportunity to check out the city’s Museum of Anthropology. Here you can check out more than 535,000 archaeological objects from all over the world, including early artworks, cultural artifacts, and ethnological objects.

Enjoy Music at The Commodore Ballroom

The Commodore Ballroom is the city’s most iconic music venue that offers performances from both popular and up-and-coming music acts from all over the world. It’s lauded for its great dance floor that lets you get loose and line-ups that satisfy everyone’s music taste.