Top Holiday Destinations With Weaker Currencies For A Budget-Friendly Trip

Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Photo by Despina Galani on Unsplash

While protecting your finances is important, taking a well-deserved rest from the stresses of everyday life is also something that you deserve from time to time. By picking a destination where the currency is weaker than your local money, you may just be able to embark on an affordable yet still highly enjoyable getaway. Here are some vibrant vacation spots where your hard-earned dollars can go a long way.


Over the past 10 years, one US dollar has bought around 35 baht. Considering that an average meal in a restaurant in Thailand can cost between 90 and 150 baht, this East Asian paradise can prove highly affordable, making it an ideal place to enjoy a beach vacation.


Given Turkey’s recent financial crisis, one dollar can now get you over 20 Turkish lira. With its rich history, grand architecture, and unique identity as a location where Europe and the Middle East meet, Turkey can prove to be a cost-effective historical and cultural adventure.


These days, the dollar amounts to over 250 Argentine pesos, making this an ideal place for a South American trip. With its delicious barbeque cuisine and stunning nature, Argentina is an ideal place to destress and unwind.