Top Tips For Flying With a Toddler

Kid on Plane
Photo by Steven Coffey on Unsplash

Young children can be very unpredictable, especially when flying with them for the first time. So whether you are flying for the first time or well-seasoned with your young children, we have some helpful tips to get you and your little one through this potentially tricky experience.

Baby-Essentials Kit

Gather a few must-need items in your carry-on such as an extra pacifier, diapers, wipes, little toys, a small blanket, and maybe some food or snacks. This will significantly help fussy kids, especially on long flights or road trips.

Feeding your baby during take-off

Feed your baby before take off and before landing in order to keep their ears from popping. This may mitigate the discomfort from their ears as well as distract them from how scary take off and landing can be.

Buy a seat for your kid

This tip will be helpful especially when on long flights when you’re inevitably going to spread out and relax. It may also be more comfortable for your baby when they, hopefully, fall asleep!

Amuse and Distract

Babies are easily amused and distracted. So, if your little one is having a difficult time during the flight, turn on a show with many colors, talk to them, or even walk up and down the aisle in the plane if there is no turbulence. Coloring pages, books, and small toys can also be soothing and distracting, especially if your baby gets restless.