Top Tips for Overnight Bus Journeys Abroad

Bus passengers
Photo by Ash Gerlach on Unsplash

Traveling by bus is one of the best money-saving methods for backpackers all over the world. Many of the hottest travel destinations in South America, Southeast Asia, and beyond are well-served by cheap bus services that can take you all over the country. However, there’s one catch. Many of these bus journeys are 12 hours or more. Here are our top tips to make your journey more enjoyable!

Don’t Forget Your Eye Mask

An eye mask and earplugs are a MUST. Do not board the bus without these trusty companions. Shut out the light, block out that baby crying, and catch up on some much-needed shuteye after weeks of hostel hopping!

Treat Yourself

If there’s a possibility for an upgrade, take it. Some bus companies allow you to pay extra for more luxury services. When traveling, it can be fun to try and do everything on the smallest budget possible. But paying a little extra for reclining seats, more legroom, blankets, and refreshments never feels like a bad idea once you’re 16 hours into a 24-hour journey!

Snack Sensibly

Choose your snacks carefully. Chips and candy might seem tempting but will be regretted later when you don’t have immediate access to teeth-brushing facilities. Grab some sandwiches, fruit, and plenty of water to keep those hunger pangs at bay.


Make the most of service stops. Sometimes, leaving the bus at 3am to go to a service station in the middle of nowhere feels very unappealing. But always take the opportunity to do some stretches and go to the toilet before heading back to your seat.