Tourists with Sweet Tooth Have to Try These Treats in Tasmania

Sweet treats of Tasmania
Photo by Deeva Sood on Unsplash

If trying new foods happens to be your favorite part of each trip, Tasmania won’t leave you disappointed. This island in Australia is home to many foods you can’t find anywhere else, and some of them will be a true treat for tourists with a sweet tooth. Here’s what kind of tasty treats they have to offer.

Anvers Chocolate

Most places have a brand of chocolate they take a lot of pride in, and Tasmania is no different. Anvers Chocolate is amongst the most popular ones, and you can even visit their chocolate museum at the House of Anvers and pick up a couple of sweet souvenirs for your friends and family.

Tasmanian Apple Cake

Apple cake can be eaten anywhere in the world, but there’s a reason why you should try it in Tasmania. Due to its thriving apple industry, this island was once known as Apple Isle, and its sponge apple cakes are quite a treat.

Leatherwood Honey

If you’re a huge fan of honey, the one produced in Tasmania will take your breath away. Produced in Tasmania’s remote wilderness from the nectar of the Leatherwood plants’ flower, this honey is known for its sharp flavor that’s much spicier than most other honey varieties.