Travel Accessories to Make Flying More Comfortable

Flying tips
Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

Most of us have found ourselves on a long flight at one point or another and know how uncomfortable it can be. It’s cramped and crowded and this can make it quite a challenge to relax and enjoy the journey. While we can’t do much about legroom, we do have a few favorite travel accessories to recommend that can help. Here are some of our favorite things to bring along whenever we’ve got a long flight.

Neck Pillows

Avoid the awkwardness of falling asleep on your neighbor with a neck pillow. It’ll allow you to relax and give your head something to rest on as you nod off, helping you to get some shuteye. Any neck pillow will do, but we love this one from Calpak. 

Noise Canceling Headphones

One of the most disrupting parts of long flights is the noise. People talk, babies cry, even the plane itself is quite loud. Give yourself some peace and quiet with headphones designed to block it all out. We find Bose makes great options, but there are plenty of brands available for whatever you’re looking for.

Silk Eye Mask

Many airlines will offer eye masks for long-haul flights, but we find that they’re not always very comfortable. The band may not fit right and the polyester material is often itchy. We like masks from the company Slip to help block out any light that may keep you from getting some much-needed rest.