Travel Bubbles Might Define 2021 Travel

2021 travel bubble
Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

With the world starting to look forward to traveling as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to loosen its iron-like grip on our ability to visit new places, there are some trends which are starting to become apparent when we think about how our travel lives will be over the next few months and into the summer. One of them, and a possibility that many of us will have to experience, is the idea of a “travel bubble”.

A travel bubble is a concept which is defined as a partnership between two or more countries which have established low rates of COVID transmission and/or high rates of vaccination, as well as similar strategies for combating the pandemic.

This allows them to open their borders to tourists from the other countries in the agreement without any quarantine or testing requirements upon their arrival.

Travel bubbles have already been formed, including one example which has become famous for its success: the Australia-New Zealand travel bubble. These two countries are allowing their citizens to move freely between one another as they have done an exceptional job in combatting the pandemic.

This has led to a reactivation of the tourist industry and a strategy which other countries might get behind as they join forces with others after reaching certain thresholds in the fight against COVID-19.

Would you consider an international trip inside of a travel bubble?