Travel Photographers You Should Follow On Instagram

Photo: everchanginghorizon/Instagram

Instagram is the place where you can find the most amazing fashionistas, photographers, motivational speakers, makeup artists and so much more. If you are obsessed with traveling you should definitely check out these travel photographers.


Travis has been literally everywhere. His vibrant way of transforming memories in pictures will make you want to buy a camera. Burker’s colorful ways of delivering nature in front of your eyes fascinate every single person who visits his Insta kingdom.


Another amazing photographer and a nature enthusiast. Christina is very much involved in promoting the preservation of nature.


Simone Bramante is an established photographer, with a huge love for travel. He has also released a book, that can help you start your own blog.


Quin is an amazing travel photographer followed by thousands of people. This is without a doubt one of the best Instagram accounts you should follow, especially if you love getting away from reality. He is very close to reaching a million followers, so his Instagram is more than exciting for people.


Christy delivers the most astounding images from her trips all around the world. You will see hints of amazing fashion looks, perfect sites, and unique destinations. This girl is so inspiring and one of the best travel photographers you have to check out.