Travel Tips for Vegans

Photo by Juno Jo on Unsplash

Being a vegan is a pretty specialized lifestyle, and not every travel destination will be as vegan-friendly as others. If you want to make sure that you don’t have too hard of a time when traveling as a vegan, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Do Your Research

Between Google and apps like Happy Cow, you can fairly easily find the best vegan-friendly restaurants in any city, so you can even make a list ahead of time of all of the spots you want to check out where you’ll be able to find something to eat.

Bring Your Own

You never know when you’ll find yourself at an airport or in a train station, hungry with no place in sight that offers a decent vegan option. That’s why it’s so important to bring your own snacks like trail mix, bars, and so on.

Pack Enough Toiletries

While a lot of people prefer not to pack toiletries, opting instead to buy them when they arrive at their destination in order to avoid the weight in their bags during travel, it can be a lot harder to figure out what foreign products are cruelty-free, so it’s best to just pack all of your cruelty-free toiletries to bring so you can be sure you won’t have to go without.