Try These Hacks When Taking Photos in Busy Locations

Taking a photo with iPhone
Photo by Michael Sala on Unsplash

So you finally made it to your dream destination and it’s packed with people. How will you ever get that perfect Instagram photo to commemorate your travels? Don’t worry—there are lots of hacks to get the perfect shot with your iPhone, even if you can’t get everyone out of the shot in real life. These are the best tricks for getting the perfect photo in busy locations!

Long Exposure iPhone Hack

This trick won’t physically remove the people in the photos, but they will get blurred in a cool way. Using the long exposure gives the photo more movement and interest, and it shows the reality of the location! All you have to do is take the photo in Live mode, then apply the iPhone’s long exposure feature to the photo. This will blur any moving objects in the frame, so make sure when you pose for the photo you stand super still. That’s the best way to ensure that you are clear in the photo and everyone else is blurred!

Early Bird Gets the Perfect Instagram Photo

If you really want to get that photo with minimal people, it’s a good idea to wake up super early. Like, we’re talking 5 AM or 6 AM. Beat the crowds, snap the perfect photo, and then you’ll have the rest of the day for whatever other adventures you have planned.