Two Of The Most Beautiful Temples That We’ve Lost Forever

Due to natural causes or failings of human nature, these two famous tourist attractions, which once had an enormous impact on our society, are now sadly gone forever.    

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris  

This masterpiece of Gothic architecture caught on fire on April 15th, 2019. According to a police investigation, the fire started in the central part of the roof of the cathedral. So far, it has not been determined what caused the tragedy. Some believe that the fire was linked to the cathedral’s reconstruction works, while others have more sinister ideas.

Notre Dame was a religious, cultural, and educational center for France for eight centuries. This building served as an inspiration to many artists and writers and survived several wars, religious and political conflicts.  

Temple of Baal, Palmyra, Syria  

The main temple of Palmyra was destroyed in 2015. Baal is one of the most significant religious buildings from the 1st century. All that is left today from this glorious temple is a pair of pillars in the rubble.  

Many sites in Palmyra are UNESCO-protected. The city had over 1,000 pillars, Roman aqueducts, and a necropolis with over 500 tombs. Unfortunately, most of the treasures and inventions of the ancient city were lost during the ongoing war in Syria.