Underrated Cities to Visit in South America

Jardin, Colombia
Jardin, Colombia. Photo by Juan Nino on Unsplash

Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro and the two of the most popular cities that tourists usually decide to visit on their way to South America. This continent, however, hides many archeological and natural treasures that are definitely worth a visit, and that’s why you should make sure to visit some of these underrated cities in South America.

Córdoba, Argentina

If you decide to travel to Argentina one day, make sure to reserve at least a few days to visit Córdoba. This charming town is often overlooked even though it’s the second-largest city in Argentina and has a rich history and vibrant nightlife.

Jardin, Colombia

Jardin is a small coffee town in Colombia, a four-hour drive away from Medellín, where you can enjoy wonderful nature, hike to the Chorro Blanco waterfall, or simply enjoy a cup of their tasty Colombian coffee in the main square.

Tarija, Bolivia

Every wine lover should definitely put Tarija, Bolivia, on their bucket list, because this is the perfect place to enjoy splendid nature and taste exquisite Bolivian wine.

Chachapoyas, Peru

On your way down to the capital of Peru, Lima, make sure to stop and visit one of the most underrated towns in this country. Chachapoyas was once home to the ancient Chachapoya civilization and therefore it hides many archeological sites that are worth a visit.