Upgrade Your Travel Style With This Hi-Tech Luggage

Image via samsara_luggage/Instagram

Considering that technology has enhanced our lives in so many ways, why not allow it to make our travels easier as well? Here are some of the most innovative pieces of smart luggage that will be sure to optimize the way that you travel, minimizing your stress while allowing you to focus on enjoying the journey.

Samsara Carry-On

If you’re traveling through a busy airport and are worried about losing sight of your luggage, then this stylish and compact case will put you at ease. The Samsara Carry-on bag comes with a Bluetooth tracker, which taps into Apple’s Find My network and enables you to see exactly where your bag is at all times.

Voltaic Systems Converter Solar Backpack

Are you traveling somewhere off the grid with little to no electricity? Then, the Voltaic Systems Converter Solar Backpack will keep all of your devices charged and ready to use. In addition to its USB battery pack and solar panel, this bag provides a padded laptop sleeve and 20 liters of storage.

Forward X Ovis Auto-follow Suitcase

Lugging heavy baggage throughout the airport can prove both tiring and stress-inducing, especially while trying to concentrate on where to go. The Forward X Ovis Auto-follow Suitcase will lighten your load. This carry-on suitcase can follow behind you at a speed of 4.5 kilometers per hour, using its camera navigation system to follow you and avoid collisions.