Use These Genius Hacks to Save Money on Your Next Booking

Booking a hotel
Image by ming dai from Pixabay is one of the most popular websites that travelers turn to when looking for a new place to stay. It offers countless affordable options if you’re traveling on a budget, but even if you don’t pick the cheapest place, it’s always possible to save money using a couple of easy hacks.

Referral Bonus

Just like many other websites of its kind, allows you to save money by creating your own referral link. Once the person you referred to the website completes their first stay, you’ll both get a $25 bonus.

Early Booking

The earlier you make the booking, the less money you’re going to spend. Decent and cheap accommodation is hard to find, and those who plan ahead of time will have easier time coming across good and affordable options.

Flexible Dates

Sometimes it’s easier to find good accommodation if your plans are not set in stone. Play with the dates when refining your search, and consider switching to a cheaper hostel on the weekends, because the ones you’ve picked might have a higher price.