Vacation Island-Style

Photo by Jodi Nelson on Unsplash

One of the top travel spots to visit is an island, and we’ve collected some of the world’s finest destinations to give you some inspiration.


One of the most beautiful paradises on earth, Bali is an island that belongs to Indonesia and is increasingly popular with tourists. The island forms part of the Coral Triangle, the area with the highest diversity of marine species on earth.


This Greek island is situated in the Aegean Sea and was shaped by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC. Classic Greek whitewashed houses overlook the sea, and the beaches made up of multi-colored lava pebbles.


Kauai is the oldest of Hawaii’s main islands, and is known as the “Garden Isle.” When in Kauai, you might notice one of the thousands of moa, wild chickens that roam the island, safe from predators.

Apart from beautiful beaches, there are many cultural attractions to take in.


The home of Bob Marley and the birthplace of reggae music, Jamaica is a Caribbean island whose capital is Kingston. Visit the Bob Marley Museum, and take in the lush rain forests and mountains, or visit the famous reef-lined beaches to snorkel and dive.