Visit Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, TN

Image via bigearsfestival/Instagram

When traveling across the U.S., South Knoxville is perhaps not the first city that crosses your mind. Knoxville, TN is a sweet community with plenty of good bars, music venues and restaurants to visit year round. Knoxville has a great art museum to visit and a historic town square. Knoxville is a beautiful place to visit if you are looking for a more laid back vacation than a big city like Atlanta or Charleston.

One weekend every year, Knoxville explodes into a city-wide music and arts festival that is on caliber with any international music festival. Past years lineups included Laurie Anderson, Philip Glass, Alice Coltrane, Four Tet and so many other artists. The line up usually includes an interesting mixture of experimental and improvisational musicians with one of the best collections of contemporary jazz performers. If avant-garde and progressive music interests you, make sure to get a ticket for next year’s festival to experience all the internationally acclaimed Big Ears!