Visit Devil’s Town: Where The People Are Turned Into Stones

Image by Staletic/Flickr

Yes, it’s true! Devil’s Town really does exist and it is located in the South of Serbia, on the Radan Mountain on the territory of the village of Dake in the municipality Kuršumlija.

Legend says that centuries ago that people who lived in the area were humble, calm, happy, and religious. However, the devil was “annoyed” by their perfect life and in an act of jealousy, he created the Devil’s Water. When the inhabitants drank the water, they would slowly forget about their family ties. That resulted in an arranged marriage between siblings.

A fairy godmother who tried to stop that from happening prayed to got and god, as a result, created a storm that connected the earth with the sky, and when the cold wind blew, the wedding guests were turned into stones, stopping the incest from happening.

How was Devil’s town actually created?

There are 202 soil figures in this area: big and small, wide and narrow, all with a stone cap on top; created as a result of a specific erosive process which lasts for centuries, and shaped by climate factors such as wind, sunshine, and temperature.

A second natural phenomena assists. Two springs of extremely acid water with high mineralization are located in the area: one is located in the immediate vicinity of these soil figures, and it is called the Devil’s Water. This is a cold and extremely acid spring of high mineral concentration springing out in Devil’s Gully; The second spring is the breathtaking Red Well spring, which due to the oxidation of iron, contains water in large amounts, forms a red terrace in the shape of a fan.