Visit These Charming Spots to Feel Like a Local in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, Australia
Adelaide, Australia. Ikmage by kwest/Depositphotos

Feeling like a local in a new city can be difficult if you’re visiting the same touristy spots as everyone else. If the city in question happens to be Adelaide, here are a few places that will give you a more authentic, local feel.

Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market has been around for over 150 years, and it remains one of the largest fresh produce markets in the world. You can buy everything from veggies and fruits to seafood and cheese during your visit, and discover many local cafés and eateries.

Semaphore Beach

Located only 20 minutes from downtown Adelaide, Semaphore Beach will make you feel like you’ve traveled a few decades back thanks to its retro feel and many cute little cafés and stores you can explore during your visit.

Moseley Square

Located in the beachfront suburb of Glenelg, Moseley Square is always crowded with locals. It offers a wide range of cafés and fast food outlets, and it hosts many popular local events.

Mount Lofty

If you’re a nature lover looking for a hiking adventure while in Adelaide, Mount Lofty is the place to be. It offers hiking trails, cafés, and viewing platforms with amazing views of the city.