Visiting the Valley of the Gods

Image by bigtrailaustria/Instagram

Valley of the Gods is quieter and less crowded than Monument Valley, which has received so much publicity and seems to define the way many people think of the American West.

Valley of the Gods is only about an hour’s drive away and although Monument Valley is more spectacular, Valley of the Gods is less ‘touristy’ and you can see more with fewer tourists blocking your view.

You can search out the most important monoliths and buttes carved out of sandstone by the elements over millions of years. Knowing the names of the most famous landmarks, like Lady in a Bathtub, adds to the experience.

Monument Valley is located on Navajo land, which means that tourists are restricted from visiting certain areas and have to obtain permission from the tribe before going into the back country.

Valley of the Gods does not have any restrictions and those who love hiking and camping are free to explore the back country. There are no facilities so those who do so need to be completely self-sufficient.

Going to Valley of the Gods before sunrise or sunset offers an unforgettable natural spectacle as the silhouettes of stone minarets cast shadows over the plains. Photographers will be able to take exceptional photos at these times.