Wanna Live Like a Celebrity? Take a Look on Airbnb

Photo by Oberon Copeland on Unsplash

Celebrities are just like us. Except, well, they aren’t. Not many of us can afford to live in homes worth a few million dollars, but every now and again, you may get a chance to stay in one, thanks to these celebrities listing their houses on Airbnb.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher 

The couple who met on That ‘70s Show own a beach house in Santa Barbara that faces the ocean. White with touches of blue, the sunny home features a large back porch, hot tub, and two bedrooms. The actors listed the accommodation for one night only, with the deal being that they would stay with their guests.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The queen of Goop has listed her Montecito property which she refers to as her “sanctuary for respite and mental clarity.” With a large pool and fire place, the 1-bedroom home comes filled with Goop products for a nourishing stay. The house is available for one night only, on 9 September.

Seth Rogen

If you’re seeking creativity, Seth Rogen’s home is one to explore. The LA house features floor-to-ceiling glass windows, wooden furniture, and greenery. The Fabelmans actor makes ceramics in his spare time and offered his guests an opportunity to witness the creative process. They were also invited to listen to his record collection and eat everything in the fridge.