Ways to Travel to North Korea

Pyongyang, North Korea
Pyongyang, North Korea. Photo by Thomas Evans on Unsplash

Of the little that the outside world knows about North Korea, one of the things we know for sure is that North Korea is exceptionally difficult, if not nearly impossible to travel to. But some foreigners do get the chance to visit. How? Here are the ways that we know about.

Know Your Limits

For some people, namely those from the United States, South Korea, or Malaysia, traveling to North Korea is, indeed, forbidden. So don’t put too much effort into getting there if this applies to you.

Go on a Group Tour

If you’re not from one of the countries listed above, the only way you’ll be allowed to travel to North Korea is through a tour operator that has been registered with and approved by the North Korean government. You won’t be able to go alone.

Start From China

The only transport connections regularly going to North Korea are from China and Russia. The best way to get there is to take an AirKoryo flight from Beijing, although trains from Beijing are another, more affordable option. Most group tours include transportation, including both flights and train rides.

There are also sometimes flights offered from Thailand and Malaysia, but these are less reliable.