What Career are People Searching for Most Around the World?

Photo by Kristopher Allison on Unsplash

The world is made up of many diverse people, all with their own interests and skills. It is based on these skills and interests that people usually choose an occupation, yet everyone has a dream job. Thanks to data from Google, Remitly, a company that offers financial services for migrants, was able to check which are the most searched-for careers in each country. 


Many kids had dreams of being a pilot when they grew up, but it seems thousands of adults do too. There were 930,630 searches for how to be a pilot, with the profession proving the most popular ambition in 25 countries, including the United States, Australia, and England.


We may not even register how many articles, signs, and other forms of words we consume each day, but someone has to write them. How to be a writer was a top query in 75 countries, with 801,200 searches. Writing can entail being a novelist, copywriter, or journalist, which seems to pique the interest of those in New Zealand, Sweden, and South Africa. 

Social Media Influencer

We live in an age where people can make a lot of money from content creation. Considering how much time we spend on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, it’s not that surprising that Influencer and YouTuber made the list in 4th and 7th place, respectfully. They appeared most popular in Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, and Spain.