What Should You Do if Flooding Occurs on Your Trip?

Flooded house
Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur on Unsplash

Vacationing by the sea is many people’s idea of an ideal vacation, but with beauty comes some danger. Water is an extremely strong element and when flooding occurs, it is risky for all involved. Travel warnings have been issued for European countries like Italy; Croatia; Bosnia; and Slovenia due to excessive rainfall, causing riverbanks to overflow. If you find yourself in such a situation on vacation, here is what to do. 

Move to Higher Ground

You want to get as far from the water as possible, and that means going up. Move to the upper floors of buildings, rooftops, or any safe elevated areas. Basements are to be strongly avoided, and keep away from ground-level areas if possible.

Emergency Supplies

Being in an area that is prone to flooding means you may have to get up and go at the drop of a hat. Prepare an emergency kit filled with first aid, water, food, torches, medication, important documents like your passport, and emergency contacts. 

Keep in Contact

Keep up to date with the news and listen out for official announcements, warnings, and evacuation orders. Let your loved ones know about the situation and that you are safe. Keep your cellphone charged and use it for emergency communication only, as network capacity may be limited.