What To Pack For A Business Trip?

Life is slowly getting back on track, and despite many canceled business trips—the world seems to be starting to get back to the old way of working.

For those of us who have had to travel the world for our work, packing for business travel is always a complex task. 

On the one hand, one has to bring formal clothes, shoes and more—and on the other hand, in many cases such trips require moving from place to place, so it is best not to pack too many things.

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On any business trip, you should find out how many sets of clothes you should pack, and choose clothing items that can be used in a modular way. Make sure you have enough clean shirts packed, and find out in advance whether you will be required to attend formal dinners or parties, which will require an additional set of clothes.

Bring dressy shoes, but also ones that will be comfortable to wear all day.

Make sure you have a fresh pair of socks and a clean shirt in your side bag in case you need to get to a meeting straight from the plane.