What Will Traveling Be Like in the Near Future?

Woman traveling with a mask
Photo by Atoms on Unsplash

Even though we’re still dealing with COVID-19, the rollouts of various vaccines have given the world reason for some optimism. This is especially true when it comes to the travel industry. Due to the coronavirus, it was increasingly hard for backpackers to travel to their favorite destinations. And even if they were able to do so, most hotspots and tourist attractions weren’t the same. But once things start to open up again, will everything just go back to normal? Not necessarily.

Social Distancing

Social distancing has become such a common practice since COVID-19 hit that it may just stick around for longer than we think. Even if the virus calms down, we may see a world in which people are afraid to touch each other. So if you meet someone abroad, don’t be surprised if they don’t exactly want to shake hands with you. If you’re at a concert, mosh pits might become obsolete.


Will people continue to wear masks long after the coronavirus has settled down? Moreover, will airlines still require their passengers to wear masks? How about establishments such as restaurants and amusement parks? These are all things that may take a toll on your experience when you travel. It’s tough to say how things will turn out, but our guess is that masks will be here to stay for a while.