When Is Flying First Class Worth It

First Class
Photo by Ondrej Bocek on Unsplash

Flying first class might be one of your bucket-list items, and it’s true, the experience will give a new flavor to your travels. But flying first class is also not always worth the price tag. So, should you? Shouldn’t you? Here are a few cases when it’s worth the splurge.  

Long-Haul Flights

One of the most compelling reasons to consider flying first class is when you have a really long flight. The longer the flight, the more valuable the extra space and amenities become. On long journeys, the ability to stretch out, enjoy a comfortable bed or lie-flat seat, and access premium dining and entertainment can significantly enhance your overall travel experience.

Special Occasions

If you’re celebrating a special occasion like a honeymoon, milestone birthday, or anniversary, flying first class can be a great way to start your trip with a touch of luxury. The extra perks and pampering can make your celebration even more memorable. 

Points and Miles

If you’ve accumulated a substantial number of frequent flyer miles or credit card points, you may be able to upgrade to first class without the crazy cost. This can make the upgrade a no-brainer since you’re essentially only using your loyalty rewards to enjoy the luxury of first class.