Why Bikes Are So Popular In Amsterdam

Bike parking in Amsterdam
Photo by Ali Kerem Erhan on Unsplash

If you’ve ever seen a picture of Amsterdam or a scene from a movie set in this beautiful city, chances are there were bikes in it. In fact, it seems that every person in Amsterdam owns a bike! But how did this happen? Why are bikes so popular in Amsterdam and not, for example, in London? Let’s unpack.

Compact and Flat City

Amsterdam is a compact, flat city with relatively short distances between most places you’d need to go. This makes biking both practical and efficient, often faster than driving or taking a bus. There are also great bike lanes throughout the city making biking feel safer than it might otherwise. 

Environmental Awareness

Amsterdam, like many cities in Europe, has a strong environmental consciousness. Biking aligns with this commitment to do more for the environment. Biking produces no emissions, reduces traffic congestion, and minimizes the city’s carbon footprint.

Culture and Tradition

At this point, bicycles have become deeply ingrained in Dutch culture and tradition. Generations of Dutch citizens have grown up cycling, and it’s a common way for people to travel from a young age. Once something becomes part of a cultural identity, it’s hard to go back!