Why Every Travel Junkie Needs a Scratch Map

Scratching map
Photo by Marina Leonova from Pexels

In case you’re looking for new ways to keep track of your travels and show which countries you’ve been to so far, you probably want to consider buying a scratch map. Check out a few good reasons why every travel junkie needs a scratch map in their home.

Learn Geography

Let’s face it—geography is not easy, but exploring maps is one of the best ways to learn or remember things you learned in school. Scratch maps are great for learning more about countries around the world, flags, landmarks, and more.

Keep Track Of Your Travel

Obviously, the main reason why people buy scratch maps is to keep track of all the places they’ve visited in the past. This is a nice visual representation of your past travels that you can frame and hang on the wall.

Plan Future Travels

Having the map of the world in front of you at all times will help you plan your future travels and adventures more easily. Not only that, but your scratch map will also motivate you to daydream and travel more in the future.


Last but not least, framing and hanging this scratch map in your room is a unique way to decorate your home if you are a travel junkie.