Why Nice Is Best Visited In Winter

Cannes, France
Cannes, France. Photo by Diane Picchiottino on Unsplash

The Cote D’Azur in the south of France is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations. Tourists flock here in the summer months to catch some rays, soak up the luxury, and see if they can get a glimpse of an A lister as they step off their yacht. But there are some who claim that this area, and the stunning city of Nice in particular, are best visited over the winter months. If you’re looking for an excuse for a winter mini-break, check out these three reasons to visit Nice this season.

Avoid The Crowds

Whilst some enjoy the buzz and hubbub of the summer months, many find Nice, Cannes and the surrounding areas too busy and hectic. It’s almost impossible to book tables in restaurants, prices are inflated, and the beaches are rammed. Head to Nice in winter, and you’ll enjoy long, leisurely dinners at the finest establishments, reasonable prices and strolls along beautiful (sometimes almost deserted) beaches.

You Won’t Pay A Lister Prices

Some of the hotels, eateries and leisure areas around Cannes and Nice can get so pricey in the summer months, only the wealthiest can afford them. However, if you visit over winter you can dine and relax like a local, at far more affordable prices. It’s still worth keeping an eye on things, and avoid the beach front cafes if you want to keep the vacation within budget, but overall Nice is reasonably priced in winter.

Catch That Winter Light

Whilst the sun may not be quite so warm as in the summer months, you will experience the beautiful clear winter light which made Nice famous as an artists’ retreat in the Victorian era. Many famous names, including Monet and Van Gogh, have used the natural beauty of this area to inspire their art, so come in winter and see for yourself how stunning the beaches look in the clear, pristine light.

Many people think Nice and Cannes are out of bounds for them simply because of the price hikes and crowds which happen in summer. Check out these stunning destinations in winter, and you’ll discover that Nice is far more accessible and affordable than you thought.