Vancouver, Canada is One of the Most Beautiful Cities on Earth

Evergreen forest in Vancouver, Canada
Evergreen forest in Vancouver, Canada. Photo by Jeremy Allouche on Unsplash

Vancouver is like that childhood friend who always has your back. Not because they feel obligated, but because it’s naturally who they are to be there for you. Such is the case with Vancouver, Canada, but in a way, you don’t expect right off the bat. It’s not the most flashy city, and it’s certainly not as famous as New York, Los Angeles, or London. However, it’s still one of the most beautiful cities on earth—and here’s why.

Natural Beauty

The fact of the matter is that Vancouver is one of the most naturally beautiful cities you’ve ever seen. Its trees are massive, its north shore mountains are a sight to see, and Mount Baker gives Japan’s Mount Fuji a run for its money. But more than anything, it’s got a relaxing color of endless forest green as far as the eye can see.


There’s something subtle that happens when you take steps to preserve your environment. Vancouver officials made conscious choices to protect the amazing greenery that grows in their location, and it shows. In 1973, they created hard sanctions to limit urban growth, and again in 1996. That’s why driving around the city feels pure and less corrupted than other corporate cities.