Words and Phrases to Know Before Visiting Italy

Colosseum, Roma, Italy
Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Are you planning your next trip to Italy? The homeland of incredible food, wine, and romance—it’s the perfect destination and we totally see why you want to go. In order to get the most out of your experience, we want to make sure you know some basic Italian phrases before you get there.

As a tourist, of course you aren’t expected to speak the language of every country you visit perfectly. Plus, most tourist locations have a lot of people that speak English pretty well. With that being said, however, it shows respect and interest in the culture when you at least try to learn some basic phrases. It also helps to know the essentials in case of an emergency. We made a list of the most basic Italian words and phrases to get you started, so let’s get to studying (and practicing)!

We recommend you start studying these words and phrases a couple of weeks before you go. If you pick them up quickly, that even gives you more time to learn some more. Either way, you should try to be comfortable speaking these before you get there.

Yes –

No – no

Please – per favore

Thank you – grazie

Your welcome – prego

Cheers – saluti

Do you speak english? – lei parla inglese 

Where is the__? – Dov’è il ____?

Bathroom – bagno