Would You Go Glamping in an Airport? You Can in Singapore

Image by VacacionesPagodasBlog from Pixabay

Two travel-related topics that have been in the news quite a lot lately are “glamping” and Singapore’s stunning and luxurious Jewel complex inside the Changi Airport.

What if I told you these two travel trends have combined, and you can now book your own glamping stay inside this fascinating place?

Between November 20th, 2020 and January 3rd, 2021, the Changi Airport is offering up a limited-time, unique experience that will give people the chance to stay inside a luxury tent inside of the Jewel complex.

From your evening check-in to check-out the next morning, you’ll be able to explore the Jewel complex, which is one of the most unique attractions on Earth.

Jewel brings a rainforest into an indoor building and features all kinds of activities—including canopy walks, mazes, and trampoline jumping. In addition, you’ll marvel at the world’s largest indoor waterfall—the “Rain Vortex”—which is the centerpiece of the complex.

There is also a wide variety of restaurants and shops you can explore while staying here.

The accommodations for sleeping and relaxing don’t look half bad, either. Two beds are put inside of a cozy-looking tent that has all kinds of big pillows you can lounge around and hang out on.

Pricing for one tent begins at $320 per night and gives you access to all Jewel has to offer. Would you spend a night here?