Yacht Around the British Virgin Islands

Long Bay, British Virgin Islands. Photo by Bob Commander on Unsplash

With most of us looking for holidays where we can continue social distancing, renting a yacht may just be the perfect solution. In the British Virgin Islands, yacht charters are one of the most popular modes of travel for visitors looking to see the islands, and stay away from other tourists. 


If you’re ready to embark on your yachting adventure, BVI Charters, Dream Yacht Charters, and Virgin Charter Yachts all offer luxury power yachts and sailboats for the discerning adventurer. Chartering a yacht may sound expensive, but it all depends on the services included and the size of the boat. If you want a boat with a skipper and crew, you have to pay all of their wages for that time, which is factored into the cost per person, or per week. On top of that, all drinks and food may also be included, if you want to have your meals prepared and served to you. Expect to pay anywhere from $2,450 USD per person a week, up to $10,000+. It simply depends on the experience you want.

The Islands

With four big islands and a smattering of smaller ones, it can be hard to decide where to go. Each island offers white sand beaches for you to moor off of, and dive into the crystal clear waters. Check out Tortola when you first arrive and then chart your course with your skipper.