You Can Explore Amsterdam, Netherlands in a Day

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands. Photo by Gaurav Jain on Unsplash

If you’re someone who loves traveling the world, chances are you like jumping at every opportunity you get. This means hopping on a plane even if you have a week off from work, because why not? It even means using the occasional weekend to travel to a place you’ve never been to. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work so well, but there are some places that take longer than others to explore fully. Luckily, Amsterdam isn’t one of those places.

Getting the Gist

We’ll say right off the bat that you can totally travel to Amsterdam for a weekend and explore it within a day. At the very least, you can get the “gist” of the city. You can walk around, take a ferry ride, and see all the beautiful things there are to see in this iconic landmark. It’s definitely a place that you can just go to without thinking twice!

Going Deeper

However, Amsterdam is a funny city because while it can be explored in a day or weekend, it’s also a little bit addicting. In that sense, we should note that because it’s such a wonderful city, people often want to stay there for weeks on end, or even months. In other words, you may have explored the surface, but you won’t be able to explore it on a deeper level without staying there for much longer.