You Can Now See This Beautiful Artwork in London

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The residents of Leyton Street in East London raised money to commission designer Camille Walala to make their street more beautiful. Walala’s signature style includes plenty of colorful murals filled with blocks and stripes, which made her perfect for the job. The piece she created in this location is called Walala Parade. It stretches across eight buildings which makes it one of the biggest public artwork pieces in London.

To make this possible, the locals raised £40,000 (around $53,000) through a crowdfunding project. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan added another £25,000 to help fund the project as a part of his program Crowdfund London.

“Waltham Forest is such an exciting and creative area of east London—now it’s going to look the part, too,” Walala told Dezeen. “Art and color have an amazing power to spread positivity, especially at the scale of the street. It’s wonderful to have an opportunity to have such a significant impact on the look and feel of an entire neighborhood.”

Leyton Street is located in the Waltham Forest borough in northeast London. Many creatives live in the area as it offers affordable studio spaces for various purposes.