You Don’t Need To Be Rich To Enjoy Fiji

Mostly, when we think of visiting the South Pacific, we think about luxurious resort holidays, which are very far from the idea of traveling on a budget. But Fiji offers some great things to do even if you’re a backpacker making their way around the world on the cheap.

Don’t Settle For One Island

Fiji is a country of many islands, and the full experience should definitely include more than one exotic destination. You don’t have to book a yacht, a cruise, or a private flight, simply walk over to the port and hop onto a ferryboat to travel with the locals.

Go Exploring

Once you get to an island, make sure to explore it by walking around or using public transport. Visit the little village and hop on a bus. Normally, a ticket will take you all around the island, through amazing scenery or tropical beaches and little rain forests.

Eat Local

One of the best ways to authentically experience a destination is by eating local. In Suva, the country’s capital, drop into the markets and buy some local fruit and vegetables, season with local spices and eat with staple stews and rice.