Your Personal Eat, Pray, Love Itinerary

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

Inspiration for travel can come from many places. Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestselling memoir, Eat, Pray, Love is one of them. Her book has inspired thousands of people to travel the world in search of finding their purpose and peace. While you may not be able to replicate Gilbert’s exact experiences, you can create your own Eat, Pray, Love-inspired itinerary. 

Eat: Savor Culinary Delights

Start your journey by indulging in the world’s most delectable cuisines. You can visit Italy for pasta and gelato, explore the exotic flavors of Thailand, or delve into the spices of India. Wherever you go, do your best to embrace the local food culture, participate in cooking classes, and savor every bite.

Pray: Connect With Your Spiritual Side

The “Pray” phase is about finding inner peace and connecting with your spiritual self. So pick a journey that resonates with your spiritual beliefs. Meditate, practice yoga, or simply sit in silence to find your inner balance.

Love: Embrace Self-Discovery

The final phase, “Love,” is all about self-discovery and personal growth. Pick a destination that will be a good place for self-reflection. Tuscany, Italy, is a peaceful countryside setting. Or visit the tranquil beaches of Bali. Wherever you choose, take time for activities like journaling, yoga, and mindfulness.