Yum Cha’s Traditional Dumplings Made in Hong Kong

Dumplings are a popular dish typically made with dough and stuffed with either meat, mushrooms or an assortment of vegetables. Sometimes they even come with no filling when the dough is extra tasty and chewy.

Dumplings are popular in Southeast Asia and each region makes their own version of dumplings. They can come in steamed form, boiled and even fried.

Asian Cuisine Galore

Yum Cha’s Traditional Dumplings Made in Hong Kong are making waves with their Instagram-worthy dim sums and dumplings popping with flavor. Besides having dim sums and dumplings, they also have their own take on Xiao Long Bao on a bed of sauces and sizzling spring onions.


Cute Pork Buns

Their food is certainly unique – with their pork buns resembling tiny bouncy bigs and their pineapple pastries molded into birds served on a cage plate. Not only is the food adorable – but the contents are equally delightful!

Bring The Family

If you have many children in your family, take them on a fun family lunch gathering in Yum cha in Hong Kong for a fun-filled afternoon. The waiters are accommodating and friendly and their signature dishes are highly recommended. If you’re looking to have a meal besides dumplings – they also have delicious noodle dishes with large fresh prawns. Yum!