24 Hours in Dubai, UAE: Here is How to Spend Them

Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates
Dubai Mall, United Arab Emirates. Photo by Farrukh Zahid on Unsplash

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a city that requires a lot of time to explore. Considering all sorts of exciting sights and experiences, a short visit will only make you wonder about the things you might have missed.

However, if there is no other choice and you have only 24 hours in Dubai, here is how you should spend them.

Get Some Breakfast at Jumeirah Beach Residence’s The Walk

Jumeirah Beach Residence is a popular residential area in Dubai, and “The Walk” is its most famous tourist attraction. Taking a stroll down this 1-mile-long strip will allow you to enjoy some architectural wonders, explore some cool shops, and stumble upon great restaurants and food places where you can have a satisfying breakfast.

Head to Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is a must-see place for everyone who visits Dubai for the first time. Once a harbor used for transport and trade, it has plenty of historical buildings and museums you can check out. Also, it is home to some of Dubai’s best souks, and traditional markets, so you can get some shopping done while you’re at it.

Go Shopping and Grab a Lunch at Dubai Mall

If you are looking for high-end brands, then Dubai Mall is a better option than souks. There are 1,200 shops inside, so you might want to be selective about which ones you visit if you don’t want to waste all your time in Dubai here. You can also grab lunch here in one of 120 restaurants and cafes. 

Marvel at the Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is officially the world’s tallest building, so it is definitely worth checking out. Several other of Dubai’s top attractions are also nearby, like the Dubai Fountain and Dubai Opera.

Enjoy a Fun Night Out at WHITE

WHITE is widely considered the best nightclub in Dubai, so you can be assured that you will have a fun night out if you decide to visit it. The place has an exciting lineup of resident DJs and features performances from popular names in EDM.