24 Hours In Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo by Kate Bielinski on Unsplash

Edinburgh, capital of Scotland, is a great city to spend time in. If you’re only passing through, or using it as a pit stop before exploring the wilds of Scotland, check out this guide on how to spend 24 hours in the city.

Breakfast At The Old Spence Cafe

Located centrally within the city, this cafe serves up highly rated cakes, coffees and brunch specials. In a city teeming with amazing places to eat, make a beeline for one of the more traditional establishments and enjoy fuelling up for a day of exploring the city.

Walk The Royal Mile

Take in a central section of the city by exploring the Royal Mile, the stretch leading out from Edinburgh castle. It can get crowded, and expect to see the odd bagpiper or two, but this walk is worth doing to experience the beauty of Edinburgh’s architecture and history.

Explore The Underground Vaults

On its surface, Edinburgh is beautiful and grand, but exploring beneath the streets can be even more spectacular. Taking a tour around the underground vaults will allow you to learn lots about the city’s fascinating (and sometimes dark) history, and to understand more about how the city was built.

Edinburgh is well worth a prolonged stay, but if you’ve only got a day, check out these highlights to experience the best of the city.