Which Of These Greek Islands Should You Visit?

Ithaca, Greece
Ithaca, Greece. Photo by Josh Chiodo on Unsplash

Greece has plenty to offer visitors, with its stunning shorelines, vibrant cities and incredible food. Each of the Greek islands has its own particular vibe, so before yo book a trip you may want to consider what it is you want from a Greek holiday. Sunshine, sun lounging, and sangria? Or an opportunity to explore ancient sites and rugged coast paths? Read on to discover which Greek island you should visit.


Ithaca is famous as the island home of Odysseus, the king who returns after 20 years away only to find that suitors have overrun his palace and home. It is rugged and quite sparse in places, and is one of the smaller islands. This makes it perfect if you are looking to get away from the big crowds, as you can have some of the beaches to yourself if you choose the right time of day.


This island is one of the most recognizable, and one of the most popular. Picture whitewashed houses perched above steep cliffs, leading down to the azure sea. Santorini is perfect is you want the typical Greek experience, as you can expect plenty of delicious food, great culture and scenic views as you explore this island.


This island is perfect for sightseeing and exploring the ancient sites. As one of the bigger islands, it may be worth hiring a car so you can get around to all the sites you want to see. Don’t forgot to check out Rhodes City, the capital which offers plenty of culture and exciting things to do.

Vacationing in Greece is always fantastic, as there is just so much to see and do. If you’re sticking to one island, try and work out what the vibe of that island is and whether it will suit your holiday aims.