3 Affordable 2022 Travel Trends You Can Try On a Low Budget

Travel trends
Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

From all-inclusive vacations to silent safaris, some of the biggest travel trends of 2022 don’t really come with a low price tag. Luckily, there are so many trends out there that it’s easy to find affordable options, and here are three you can try on a low budget.

Sustainable Travel

People are embracing an eco-friendlier approach to their travel plans in 2022, and this practice is good for both the planet and our bank accounts. The plane is generally the most expensive means of transportation, and people are discovering cheaper and more sustainable alternatives as they try to reduce their carbon footprint.

Spontaneous Bookings

Spontaneous trips were generally frowned upon by those traveling on a budget, but the pandemic changed that. Booking trips last minute is becoming more affordable because there’s no fear of getting your reservation or flight canceled, so you always know that you’re getting your money’s worth.


Staycations have been going strong for two years now, and they’re not going anywhere. Some travelers still feel that it’s too risky to travel internationally, so they’re taking time to discover their home country instead, and saving a lot of money along the way.