3 Amazing Amusement Parks in Shanghai, China

Shanghai Bund, Shanghai, China
Shanghai Bund, Shanghai, China. Photo by Edward He on Unsplash

Amazing amusement parks can be found in pretty much every major Chinese city, and Shanghai is no exception. This bustling metropolis is home to some of the best theme parks in this corner of the world, and here are three you should consider checking out during your visit.

Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland was the first Disneyland in mainland China when it opened its doors in 2016, and it remains one of its most popular theme parks to this day. It offers themed rides inspired by the beloved Disney movies, and it’s a part of a larger Shanghai Disney Resort, which offers everything from hotels to themed restaurants and eateries.

Happy Valley Shanghai

Happy Valley is one of the most popular amusement park chains in China, with locations in almost ten cities. The one in Shanghai was the fourth to open its doors, and it offers 100 attractions on its grounds, including a number of roller coaster rides for visitors of all ages.

Jinjiang Action Park

This amusement park is located in Shanghai’s Xuhui District, and it opened its doors to thrill seekers around the world in 1984. It offers five roller coasters, including Flying Raiders and Giant Inverted Boomerang, but it’s best known for being home to the gigantic 108-meter-tall Shanghai Ferris Wheel.