3 Amazing Historical Landmarks That You Shouldn’t Miss in Aswan, Egypt

Aswan, Egypt
Aswan, Egypt. Photo by Zeyad Goda on Unsplash

Aswan may not be Egypt’s busiest and most touristy city, but it’s still pretty amazing and full of tiny wonders. This city on the east bank of the Nile will win you over with its rich history, and you should make sure to visit these three landmarks if you want to explore it.


Located on the shores of Nile, this island is one of Aswan’s most popular attractions. It’s an important archaeological site, where you can explore everything from the remains of ancient temples to a traditional Nubian village and some of Egypt’s oldest nilometers.

Unpolished Obelisk

Another important landmark that you shouldn’t miss in Aswan, this unfinished obelisk is truly a sight to behold. It was carved directly out of bedrock, but the legend has it that it was abandoned after cracks started appearing in the granite. Despite the fact it’s still unfinished, this is the largest known ancient obelisk.


A significant archaeological site worth exploring, Philae is located in close proximity to Aswan and it’s home to the Temple of Isis. It was originally located at the Aswan Low Dam before being moved to Agilkia Island due to the risk of flooding.