3 Beautiful Parks That You Shouldn’t Miss in Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania.
Bucharest, Romania. Photo by v on Unsplash

Bucharest is home to many amazing attractions that will keep you occupied, but what if you just need a peaceful place to relax after a long day of sightseeing? The stunning parks of the Romanian capital will welcome you with open arms, and here are three worth checking out.

Herastrau Park

Officially known as King Michael I Park, this park borrows its famous nickname from the stunning Herastrau Lake that surrounds it. It’s the largest park that Bucharest has in store, and you’ll find a wide range of amazing attractions on its grounds, including the immersive Village Museum.

Carol Park

Named after King Carol I of Romania, this park is so impressive that it’s been listed as a historical monument about two decades ago. Part of the reason why it received this honor is its show-stopping Mausoleum monument, but its French gardens and a tiny lake on its premises aren’t too shabby either.

Tineretulu Park

Located in close proximity to the previous park, Tineretulu is just as impressive. In addition to being home to many green areas, playgrounds, and a lake with a tiny island at its center, this park also happens to be home to the large sporting and concert arena the Sala Polivalentă.