5 Ways to Make Your Next Hostel Stay Even Cheaper

King Kong Hostel, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
King Kong Hostel, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash

Hostels are the most affordable type of accommodation on the market, but what if we told you if they can be even cheaper?  There are many smart money-saving hacks you can use to save up some money on your hostel stay, starting with these five.

Direct Booking

Instead of using such websites as Booking or Hostel World to make your booking, try to book with a hostel directly because you’ll most likely find the best rates on their official website.

Larger Dorm

Hostels usually offer dorm rooms of different sizes, and the number of people you’re sharing the room with will determine how much you’ll pay. If you’re trying to save money, larger dorms with more people are your best bet.

Bring Your Essentials

From towels and toiletries to padlocks and earplugs, some hostel amenities don’t come free, so it’s best to pack your own.

…Or Read Reviews

Not every hostel will charge you extra for these amenities, so make sure to read the reviews or contact the hostel directly to find out if they’re available free of charge.

Cheap Food

Some hostels offer breakfast for an extra fee, but it’s not always worth paying. That’s why it’s best to pick a hostel that either offers free breakfast or a shared kitchen where you can prepare your own meals.